Investment and Wealth

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Wealth Advisory and Accounting - Individuals and Corporate

As your personal and business needs change over time, it is crucial to have a good plan set in place to protect the wealth you have worked for. There are various ways to protect wealth, such as using corporate structures, involving family members in reorganizations and freezes, and other procedures that consider the clients’ assets.

At Duke CPA Inc, we have extensive experience in accounting for and analyzing the taxation situation of private investment holding companies in order to protect, and to move funds as efficiently as possible. Various mechanisms can be considered, such as the Capital Dividend Account, discretionary share capital, and others. We also analyze the effect of current government policy on various aspects of family wealth. Our firm also has experience in the preparation of financial statements for private investment holding companies, as required by the client.


We offer, in conjunction with tax planning services, and estate planning services, a global involvement in a client’s planning in order to minimize their tax and protect wealth.

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