A) Accepting an Invitation to the Portal

Step 1: Open the email received for registration

When someone invites you to the portal, you will receive an email from dukecpa@cchifirm.ca. This email will have detailed steps on how to register.  

Step 2: Click the register link that is provided

Once this link opens, enter the information needed to register. 

Note: the link only works once and expires in 7 days 

Step 3: Bookmark the link

Once you register, you can bookmark the registration link provided in the email. This link will bring you directly to the log in site. If you forget to bookmark this link, you can also access it at the top of this page.

B) Adding a Folder

Step 1: Once you are logged into your portal, go to My documents

Step 2: Click the Add Folder button at the top 

Step 3: Name the folder and click Save 

C) Uploading a Document

Step 1: Log in to your portal 

Step 2: Go to My documents

Step 3: Click the Upload button at the top

Step 4: Select files to upload or drag and drop the file(s) 

Step 5: Click Upload files to complete the process  

Once you upload the files, an email will be sent to your accountant.

D) Adding a Digital Signature

Step 1: Log in to your portal 

Step 2: Go to My documents

Step 3: Select the Documents to be Signed folder 

Step 4: Click the Sign Now button 

When you click the sign now button, DocuSign will open a web broswer and display the document to be signed. 

Step 5: Click the START button at the top left of the screen 

Step 6: Click the Sign tag and sign the document 

There are three options when signing the document: use the suggested signature, draw a new one, or upload a current one from your files.

Step 7: Click ADOPT AND SIGN 

Once the signature is uploaded, you can click adopt and sign.  

Step 8: Click FINISH at the bottom of the document 

Step 9: The document moves to the Signed Documents folder

When you click Finish at the bottom of the page, the document will be send to the new location which is the Signed Documents folder. The document will be displayed as a signature certficate of completion and a notification will be sent to a partner of the firm. 


E) Inviting Someone to the Portal

Step 1: Log in to your portal 

Step 2: Click the Invite to Portal button in the top right corner

Step 3: Enter the information of the individual you want to invite and click Invite