Our mission

Providing clients from a variety of sectors with our expertise in assurance, accounting, taxation, and estate services. Our mandate is to deliver quality services in a timely manner, efficiently, and at a reasonable cost to meet the required financial needs, and objectives of our clients. 

Firm culture and values


We are a professional firm dedicated to a culture of inclusion, and development of vision through people-oriented solutions aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes.


We take pride in relating to each and every client, and understanding their needs.
Listening is key. Acting is client driven. Quality is paramount.


We believe in a culture that best fits a flexible, family-oriented environment for our staff.


Duke CPA Inc. has its origins stretching all the way back to 1959 when W D Duke arrived from Montreal and established a professional accounting office in Cowansville, Quebec. The initial Chartered Accountant firm grew over the years, merged with other firms, and brought in highly qualified CA’s and now CPA’s. The quality of service and client support has not changed, and the firm’s expertise has expanded into numerous areas of competence.
The firm has been serving clients from Montreal, the Eastern Townships, and Sherbrooke area, and beyond for over 60 years and has developed a reputation for quality and personalized service over that time.
The first client the firm ever had, in 1959, is still with the firm.